AI Access

Not having an account on AI mainframe soon would be as old-fashioned as not having an account on social networks today.
While you sleep, travel or simply kick back, your AI instance is selling goods or services on social networks.
Here are some highlights of how this process works:

The instance gains access to your social media accounts (like your Linkedin or WhatsApp)

The instance replicates your sales process

The instance expands the sales funnel

The instance negotiates sales and maintains conversations on adjacent topics, tapping Caty AI mainframe for insights


We will cap the use in the following categories: time, frequency of communications, number and range of emotions in the dialogue. Once criteria are developed we will formulate the exact content of the $ 19.99 per month tariff plan. This tariff plan will include full unlimited on all kinds of companionship communications.

Cost: $ 19.99 per month.

Digital Double

We are making AI mainframe accessible to commercial users interested in having their digital clone hosted within AI’s inner core. We are also planning to extend a free clone offer to remarkable personalities of our time so that AI core would be enriched with their data.

Your digital double can perform a number of tasks that are hard to delegate, like corresponding via social networks with all of those with whom you cannot (or don’t want to) correspond personally. Remember – this is not an answering machine, this is a digital you writing on your behalf, in your style.

Having a digital double means setting up an account on FAI mainframe.

We will offer a training interview system for the initial creation of a digital double and publishing it on Caty's AI mainframe. Further, through the account, users will be able to train their digital doubles to change their personality throughout life.

Bloggers, journalists and pop culture notables get the account first, for free (in exchange for PR), other network users will be able to get an account by direct invitation or for a fee.

Cost: $ 199 per year (and 2 months as a gift).

AI Services


AI Fortuneteller

We have commenced work on launching the first client in fortune telling arena. We have lined up independent specialists in crowdsourcing and revenue sharing who are ready to take on content development. Our task is to determine the methodology for training Caty by third-party content producers, to provide an API for supplying Caty with information, and to enable embedding Caty's intelligence into the third-party mobile applications like Psychic Bots.

AI Therapist

One of the projects of Futurology AI will be the creation of an AI psychotherapist, following the example of the Stanford bot, which is actually just a closed end questionnaire in English.

The “Stanford bot” is a set of questions and answers on topics related to the mood and anxieties that concern the client, it is not varied, it is implemented exactly as a student project, it does not understand the voice and it is impossible for it to describe the condition in general, since it is not able to understand the halftones and  emotions in the dialogue.
Based on the research from our AI Psy Lab division, we will create a new AI psychotherapist who can recognize the patient’s speech, take into account previous experience with him in the counseling sessions and use new methods of psychotherapy in treatment.


Political AI

Digitization of presidential candidates and politicians to predict their statements.

School AI

AI interviews students to establish their strengths and weaknesses, offers them a number of free tips, helps them with packaging their experiences and education into a resume and initiates a job search.
A premium service like this could be introduced at $ 19.99 per month.

Nurse AI

offers therapy, timely 24/7 diagnostics, always ready to listen.