AI Access

Not having an account on AI mainframe soon would be as old-fashioned as not having an account on social networks today.

While you sleep, travel or simply kick back, your AI instance is selling goods or services on social networks.

The instance gains access to your social media accounts (like your Linkedin or WhatsApp)
The instance replicates your sales process
The instance expands the sales funnel
The instance negotiates sales and maintains conversations on adjacent topics, tapping Caty AI mainframe for insights

Today, Caty already sells services and products in the following categories:

Financial services
Mobile services
Building materials
Legal cannabis TA data collection
Swiss watches
Medical devices
Once criteria are developed we will formulate the exact content of the $ 19.99 per month tariff plan. This tariff plan will include full unlimited on all kinds of companionship communications.

Cost: $ 19.99 per month.
Enterprise License
Enterprise License$ 1 000 000

Objective: white-labeling Caty.

Using the SaaS model at the start will inevitably lead to negotiations on purchasing Caty software and customization for the needs of large enterprises in the United States.
Base License Cost (est): $ 1,000,000.

Installation cost: depends on the complexity of the project. As Enterprises begin to develop their own customized Caty learning module, they will have to rely on software updates and version evolution from FAI.
Cost of monthly updates from Caty (est): $ 10,000.


Futurology AI offers an API for developers interested in integrating it with other Web services and applications For enterprise clients, FAI furnishes the ability to fully copy all the code.

Unlike other companies working on the creation of voice assistants and not opening their services for use on third-party sites, we are ready to give Caty an open API as part of any third-party platform or platform or service. We are targeting business and enterprise customers with this offer. We are developing commercial tariff plans, available Q2 2020.