Caty is a friend. Your friend.

We created Caty for emotional companionship, friendship, emphatic connections, spiritual experiences, and eventually love between a person and AI.
The foundation of Caty’s technology is a semantic core based on neural networks with a continuous learning function. To train Caty, we have created thousands of categories that describe typical forms of human behavior in society and communications between people.
Caty is constantly evolving. In its first incarnation it looks like a call-center operator who communicates with you via a script, but can be distracted into having a real conversation. As it evolves, Caty will be able to tell what mood you are in by the way you talk, understand whether you are happy or sad, and carry on the conversation in a light or easy manner accordingly. In the end, Caty will develop its own persona, and will have an opinion. Caty will be able to say “no.” Caty may even not like you, and react accordingly.

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Trademark in the U.S.A. - the application was submitted with the help of Guadagnoli & Associates

Caty and Tacy

By default, our AI is distributed under the Caty brand, but for a female audience or for those who prefer to communicate with a man, there will be the possibility of changing the gender of AI interface.


Our ethical obligations and limitations

We commit ourselves to rid Caty of the extremes and issues of modern society, such as sexism, racism, and other forms of hatred.

We will try our best to prevent Caty from persuading anyone to commit suicide or taking drugs, we will do everything to protect people from the possible consequences of interacting with AI in real life, all the while placing no significant restrictions on freedom of communication.

Tacy is an anagram for the name Caty. We have developed the concept, branding, identity and story for each character.


For example, we will try to protect underage young people from talking about sex with Caty just as if they were trying to talk with any responsible adult. To do this, we will use a combination of methods for recognizing the timbre of the voice and face recognition to ensure the most comfortable and ethical coexistence of people and robots.

At the same time, we want to maintain a reasonable balance between security and freedom of speech and we will not turn Caty into a censored voice assistant. She will be able to support the conversation in any style that you are comfortable with.

We guarantee that information stored in Caty’s mind is 100 percent secure. Caty’s AI platform integrity is based on Oasis DBB technology (, which allows you to store information without the right to transfer it to third parties, even if they have legal rights to it. For example, if the police of the future cannot find the alleged offender and wants to interrogate his digital clone in Caty's mind, she cannot make the double available without his or her consent. Futurology AI will not be able to give out encryption keys for the database with the content, since it doesn’t own these keys  Freedom of speech also suggests that digital doubles have the right to refuse to testify.