FAI is a new category of AI companies – an AI provider. Our mission is to create the fastest growing, most advanced AI in the world by attracting the maximum number of customers, businesses and other providers to our platform. We believe that every person on the planet needs an account on the AI ​​platform for exactly the same reasons why everyone needs an account with an Internet provider.

Leadership Team

Max Smetannikov
Max SmetannikovCEO
Alexander Neymark
Alexander NeymarkCPO
Anton Filatov
Head of Software Development
Anton FilatovHead of Software Development
Dmitry Kochin
Dmitry KochinCTO
Ivan Vyatkin
Software Developer
Ivan VyatkinSoftware Developer
Maria Karevskaya
Maria KarevskayaMCOM

AI Psy Lab

To make the most of Caty, we created a psychological laboratory tasked with the study of artificial intelligence (AI Psy Lab). The lab employs young scientists who are tasked with not only helping Caty become smarter, but also answering the fundamental AI questions of psychology, sociology, philosophy and linguistics:


  • What are the latest methods of dialogue learning
  • How do you calculate emotions in dialogs
  • AI cloning: the ability to digitize identities by uploading people’s digital instances onto AI platform and merging these instances with AI’s collective brain

Our Tech

Futurology AI is a SaaS platform that consists of a semantic core interconnected with neural networks. The platform has a continuous learning function. The semantic core is a human knowledge database that is continuously growing with every new account and every new project or interaction. Information recorded in the semantic core is continuously processed by FAI neural network that creates associations and develops cross-knowledge links, so that if Caty gets a question it doesn’t have a direct answer to she could source the answer from links furnished by the neural network. 

Data Privacy

All FAI data is stored in closed Oasis DDB capsules.  No one except the owner of the data has access to the contents of the capsule.

Capsule information is stored on Oasis DDB decentralized database cloud servers (oasisddb.com).

Oasis DDB technology guarantees the integrity of information by third parties. This information will never be handled without the consent of the key holder. Thus, owners of FAI accounts will be able to upload their data into their AI instances without fear, as neither Caty nor Futurology AI staff will be able to access their data without their permission.